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    Bridging the Gap Between Your Business and Technology Needs
    Providing a wide range of technology services to help you translate your strategic
    business agendas into technology solutions that measurably improve performance.
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    Technology Peace of Mind
    We take your business and information very seriously and provide the expertise to
    ensuring you have an efficient and secure technology platform to run your business on.
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    Services to Meet Your Needs
    Whether you are interested in building a new technology platform to support your business
    or just extending or making better use of your existing technology we can offer the services
    to support your vision.

Technology Consulting and Delivery

Hornblow Consultants is a technology and marketing consultancy based in London, United Kingdom.

Whether you have an existing project that needs help or a new project but don't know where to start, we can help.

We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure your investment in technology or services will allow you to meet
your current and future requirements.

We focus on what's important to you, your business and how our services can best be used to enable you to meet your business vision.

Technology solutions to support your tactical and strategic business vision

Our Services

Bringing together the full range of systems integration, technology consulting, and IT outsourcing skills, our capabilities enable us to deliver everything from smaller solutions for one function within one industry to large, long-term outsourcing services and complex systems integration that spans multiple businesses and functions.

Systems Architecture

Architecture Definition

Document your business processes and enterprise architecture. Create current, transition and target architectures to help you make the most of your existing technology and ensure a painless transition to a target architecture.

Cloud Consulting

Microsoft Azure, Rackspace and Amazon AWS architecture, setup, management and delivery. We'll design, build and manage your cloud based solution.

Business Systems Integration

We'll help you integrate your systems with new systems or existing systems using messaging, web services or file based data exchange.


With the increase in cyber security and a move towards remotely hosted solutions, we provide the expertise and peace of mind to ensure that your systems and data are protected.

Systems Development

Application and Server Side Development

Server side development including data repositories and caching. Complex calculation engines or application services.

Database Development

Database development using SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL. Data warehouses and big data. NoSQL using MongoDB or Hadoop for big data.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile and tablet application development for Android, IOS or Windows Phone. Using native phone or HTML 5 based technology for cross device support.

Coding Expertise

Application development using C#, javascript, Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS. Software built using SOLID design principles. Unit testing and continous build and integration.

Project Delivery and Quality Assurance

Project Management

We help you to set milestones that focus on allowing your key business requirements to be delivered first followed by tracking and reporting on the status of the implementation of your project.

Agile Delivery

Using agile delivery techniques, we ensure that you'll see results quickly, involving you in all phases of the delivery process.

Unit and Integration Testing

Whether it's setting up your unit testing or integration environment or building automated UI testing, we'll deliver a testing solution that allows you to identify issues before they cause problems for your business.

Continuous Integration and Deployment

No need to wait for weeks without any idea of what's going on. We use continuous delivery to ensure that there's always a working version of the technology available.

Marketing and Communications

Blog Management

We provide blogging set up and management using popular blogging platforms such as WordPress or Blogger.

Social Media Marketing

Management of your social media prescense on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Email Campaigns

Regular or one off email campaigns to your customers, including tracking, reporting and analytics.


Management and monitoring of Google Analytics to see how your marketing campaigns are working to attract customers to your business.

Contact Us

Hornblow Consultants are located in London, United Kingdom.

We can either provide services for you on-site or if you are not located in the UK or don't
have space in your office we can deliver your project remotely.

If you would like more information on any of the services we provide, please contact us.